Communication Skill Lesson Plan

Working with Clients to Develop Effective Communication Skills

Looking for a good communication skill lesson plan for your clients?

Improving communication skills and active listening skills is important for many of our clients, and you will find some ideas to help you here.

Without good communication skills, your clients will have a greater chance of failure...

Hypnosis can help develop good communication skills.

And, as you know, many clients exhibit communication anxiety or social anxiety.

Effective communication skills and stress management are two of the most important things that we can share with those who come to us for help.

Practicing interactions in role plays and hypnosis are two methods that are being used very successfully by therapists.

Photo of couple with body language that indicates that they could use a good communication skill lesson plan.

Note the body language of this couple.
Looks like they could use improve their Communication Skills!

Using Hypnosis for Communication Skills

Hypnosis can be used a couple of ways, with your clients, to improve communication skills.

  • Use hypnosis scripts with your client or with a group. You are the person speaking. This is the most common way to introduce your clients to hypnosis and its benefits.

  • Develop a communication skill lesson plan and have your clients role play and practice using good communication skills, both verbal and nonverbal.

  • Use tapes, CDs or DVDs with a single client or with a group.

  • Give your client “homework” to practice, between counseling sessions.

  • Give your client specific assignments--ordering food at a restaurant, introducing himself to someone, calling a relative, etc.

If you are a therapist or a student looking for some good scripts or downloads for communication skills, here are some effective hypnosis downloads for social and communication skills on a variety of communication topics.

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