College Stress Management
Handling Stress at College

College stress management means survival in a high stress environment!

Having a good stress management plan in place gives you the upper hand and an advantage over those who do not.

Knowing how to handle stress is especially important if you have never lived on your own before.

Hypnosis can help you manage stress effectively!

In addition to the stress of multiple assignments and short deadlines, students face a number of stressors that they may never have encountered before...

Photo of college student experiencing college stress.

Stress can affect your health.

College Student Stress
College Stress Management Tips

So, if you’re headed off to college, or you are already in college and suffering from overload, here are a few suggestions to help you...

  • Study Habits - If you never had to work hard in school, college can be a rude awakening. College study skills are different from those you needed in high school.

    You will need to stay on top of your assignments--no coasting--so that you don’t get behind! And, by all means, keep track of assignments in a special notebook.

  • Time Management - You have lots of deadlines, lots of assignments and lots of distractions to deal with. Make a schedule and stick to it. Stay current with your assignments. And also make sure that you allow time for stress-relief activities that are fun.

  • Roommate Stress - Conflicts can develop when you haven’t set any ground rules. You need to agree on how you will handle guy/gal sleep-overs, lights out preferences, study times and social times. Be considerate of each other!

  • Socializing - Socializing and parties can be great stress-relievers. But you need to know when to say "no". Sometimes weekend parties are extended to weekdays. Do you really want to get involved in the weekday parties? What are your priorities?

  • Social Anxiety - Are you anxious about meeting new people? If so, then you need to work on self-esteem and getting rid of anxiety! Try joining a small club--where there are fewer people and a more formal atmosphere. Make sure the club is interesting to you...

  • Financial Stress - Do you have to work to stay in college? That certainly cuts down on the time that you have for study and socializing. Are you constantly worried about finances? You may have to work on learning how to Stop Worrying and deal with your anxiety.

  • Grade Stress - Many college students are used to getting high grades. In college, the competition is stiffer than in high school. Be realistic about your expectations. Expect a lot of yourself, but don’t set yourself up for failure!

    In addition, if you start to fall behind, or you don't understand a subject, get a tutor. Many colleges and universities offer free tutoring to their students. Take advantage of services that are offered.

  • Eat Healthy Foods - Now I sound like your mother! But there is some common sense to this. Many students gain weight in college (junk foods, eating at odd times, over-eating), or they become ill because they are not eating healthy foods. Make a point of going to the dining hall, and choosing healthy foods.

  • Exercise Reduces Stress - Exercise is a natural stress reliever. Take a few minutes each day to do something physical, and you’ll be surprised how much calmer (and energized) you will feel.

  • College Test Anxiety - Many college students have a terrible time with exam anxiety--and they may actually sabotage their own test scores--because of their anxiety. One way to handle college test anxiety is to use self-hypnosis. By changing your thought patterns, you can change your outlook and your emotions.

    Another way to handle exam anxiety is to use a natural product like A+ Test Calmer . An herbal homeopathic product, it actually improves focus and cognitive ability, while it calms you down. In an emergency, it can help you get yourself calm and stress-free.

When attending a college or university, it’s important to get your academic life and social life under control--right from the start.

Make sure you have a balance of work, rest, play and sleep. And make sure that you know how you will handle the amount of stress that you will have in school.

Put a college stress management plan into place.

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